Effective Presentations


No skill opens more doors, creates more visibility and gives you more power than public speaking.

In the world of business today, it seems to be imperative that people develop their skills in presenting their ideas effectively, not only to co-workers and superiors, but there is an increased need to present ideas well to the customer because of newly defined partnerships.

Whatever a persons’ specialty or level within the organization, most people will find that presentations are becoming part of the job. The need to communicate ideas is imperative in a team environment. Opportunities for both the individual and their organization occur when employees become engaged through teamwork and presenting their ideas.

This course is structured to teach individuals how to design and deliver a “successful” presentation. This course will significantly improve the successfulness of the presenter in having their audience buy into their idea!

Duration: 1/2 Day Course


In-class lecture and hands on training.

Topics Discussed

Before one proceeds to develop and make a presentation it is important to understand the following:

  • Information
  • Listening
  • Barriers to Open Communications
  • Developing Openness to Communications
  • Objections
  • Resolving Objections

Once a presenter has a good understanding of these key elements they are then ready to develop and make a presentation.

Developing Presentations: 5 Step Process

Recommended Attendance

This course is designed for anyone that needs to communicate information or ideas. It is a must have communication skill for all Managers and Supervisors.


A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course and a Record of Training will be sent to the appropriate administrative personnel.