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October 2018

Training Expiry What Courses expire and when?

No Set Expiry

The majority of courses you will take do not have a set expiry date – but it is expected that the content be reviewed on an annual basis in-house, specific to your own hazards and needs. However if you have not used the skills learned in a period of time then due diligence suggests that you re-take the course to ensure the information is fresh and clear in your mind.

Examples of courses without an expiry date are WHMIS/GHS, Bill 168, Fall Protection, etc.


Set Expiry

There are a few courses where a set expiry term has been mandated:

  • Working at Heights (Construction): 3 years
  • Lift Truck: 3 years
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods: 3 years
  • First Aid: 3 years


How can ICSS help?

ICSS tracks all training and will send updates prior to your training expiring to the Health and Safety contact for your company. In the month prior to your training expiring the contact will receive a notice and information regarding upcoming courses or booking training.

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Cannabis Legalization

 October 17th, 2018 Cannabis has become legal in Canada

Workplace Questions to ask yourself about Cannabis Legalization...

  • Have you prepared your workplace?
  • Do you have a policy in place or  have updated existing ones?
  • Have your front-line Supervisors been trained?

If not... Industrial & Construction Safety Solutions can help!

Contact us today for more information or take our online cannabis in the workplace course by clicking here

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Top 10 OHS Violations for 2017 as per MOL

Top 10 OHS Violations for 2017 as per MOL

  1. Workplace violence and harassment (11,662 violations)

  2. Fall protection (9,658)

  3. Lack of personal protective equipment (8,318)

  4. Improper access and egress (6,472)

  5. Health and safety representative and JHSC (6,239)

  6. Administrative (6,007)

  7. Basic OHS awareness training (5,232)

  8. Improper use/maintenance of ladders / scaffolding (4,846)

  9. Lack of machine/equipment guarding (4,276)

  10. Housekeeping/work surfaces

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